• Creating a Cultural museum
  • Documentation of cultural aspects of Rameshwaram
  • Creation of Cultural maps of Rameshwaram
  • Bringing out booklets and books in different languages

Marine Biodiversity

  • Establishment of natural history knowledge center at the island to promote awareness of Gulf of Mannar bio-diversity.
  • Promotion of Eco-Tourism at Rameshwaram with respect to Gulf of Mannar
  • Creation of Cultural maps of Rameshwaram
  • Increased accessibility to visit Gulf of Mannar

Solid Waste Management

  • Vermi-compost, Bio-methanation, Pellet making, Shredding of plastic/ paper, Use of plastic in road making paper pulping etc.
  • Live Demonstration of various technologies for solid waste management
  • Distribution of solid waste management tool ward by ward
  • Ward based solid waste management activity
  • Awareness campaign

Renewable Energy

  • Bio-methanation plants in the houses which produce energy from domestic waste
  • Ultimately make Rameshwaram island 100 percent green-energy reliant island
  • Wind mill installations at open spaces in the island
  • Green energy awareness programmes
  • Public installation of Solar system

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Optimization of water harvesting potentials in the island including Teerthams management
  • Renovation and community based maintenance of traditional water bodies in the island
  • Installation of water harvesting structures at all public place
  • Study of water harvesting possibilities inside the temple
  • Individual house water harvesting facilities 

Landscaping & Beautification

  • Centralized system : treatment plant and using it for agricultural purposes [waste to wealth systems]
  • Individual house sewage treatment models
  • Creating an optimal holistic cost-effective model
  • Use of Vetiver and other phyto-agents
  • Cluster approach
  • Sewage treatment – Underground drainage
  • Artistic Landscaping
  • Different types of sculptures
  • Coffee table book

Green Transportation

  • Identification and implementation of appropriate green transport inside the island,
  • Encouraging battery based and horse/bullock based
  • Encouraging pilgrims to use green transport
  • Identifying Green Transport routes

Participatory Eco-tourism

  • Identification of potential pilgrim related green activities
  • Studying the local systems
  • Documenting them   

Social Engineering

  • Creating a Cultural Continuous awareness creation through exhibitions, seminars, training, street plays, puppet shows etc.
  • Using the social networks to create a powerful feedback mechanism to make Rameshwaram clean