Newsletter - April 2019


Resilience and Tipping Points

Dr.Sanjay Banerji
Founder Director/Dean of Amrita School of Business


Dear Friends,

This month we shall discuss the concept of ‘Resilience’ and ‘Tipping Points’. We shall discuss:
  • What is Resilience?
  • How is it eroded?
  • What is Tipping Point?
  • How are these concepts related to Sustainable Development?
  • What can we do to help rebuild Earth’s resilience?
What is Resilience?
Think of a rubber band. It becomes longer if we pull it, but it returns to its original size, as soon as we stop pulling it.

Solid Waste Management

By Hand in Hand, Chennai


Door-to-door awareness campaign:

Six door-to-door awareness campaigns were conducted in the Municipality viz. Visuvasa Nagar - Ward no: 13 (20th April), Mettu Street - Ward no: 04 (21st April), Indira Nagar - Ward no: 05 (23rd April), Murungaivadi - Ward no: 12 (24th April), Kattupillaiyar Koil Street - Ward no: 14 (28th April) and Veerabathra Swamy Koil Street – Ward no: 18 (29th April). A total of 550 households were sensitized on MSWM through these programmes.


Herbal Garden (Muligai Vanam)
Drumstick Tree


Botanical Name:  Moringa oleifera Lam.
Tamil Name:        Murungai
Sanskrit Name:    Sigru Shobhanjan
English Name:     Drumstick Tree

This is a middle sized soft tree with thick corky bark. Leaves compound, with pale green leaflets when young, become darker when older and yellow at the fall period. Generally planted in the home stead, also use as hedge as cuttings propagate easily, found as escape in the forest. Flowers small, whitish, honey scented. Fruit is a capsule about 9 - 20 inch. long.

Importance of Drumstick tree
The Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) forms an important part of the Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine which are indigenous in India. Hence it is found all the way from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari. It is known as Brimma Vriksham by the Siddars ( Moringa oleifera is also found in many tropical countries. This moringa species grows abundantly in the southern states

M. Subramanian
Project Officer
C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre

Revival and Renovation of Water Bodies
Arjuna Teerthams

Vivekananda Kendra – Nardep

This Teertham is located on the main road leading to Ramar Padam

It is in the form of a Pond

Mythological Story
Arjuna is also one of the Pancha Pandava Teertham. Arjuna has done Tapas using this Teertham along with his brothers to regain wealth. It is also said that this Teertham is good for cleansing Sins and regaining power. Doing Dharma in the banks of this Teertha gives multifold Punya.

Social Capital

Vivekananda Kendra – Nardep

Teertha Pooja
This month Teertha Pooja was carried out at Agni Teertham and Kapi Teertham on April 19, 2019, full moon day. At Kapi Teertham 30 Volunteers gathered around the Teertham, lighted the lamps and worshipped the Teertha. At Agni Teertham around 150 people participated. They did the Deepa Aradhana along with the stipulated Mantras.

Again on 14 April 2019 at Mangala Teertham and Amirta Vapi Teertham, Teertha Pooja was conducted by our Teertha Mitras. About 40 local people attended.

RO Water Plant Inauguration
RO Water Plant was Inaugurated by Shri.G.Vasudeo on April 7, 2019 at Mankaadu village. The function was held in the afternoon at 3.30 p.m.