Newsletter - March 2020

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Dear Friends,

We are in the grip of pandemic COVID 19. Sharing a meaningful write up by Vivienne in Spain.
Corona is writing to all human beings ….

“The earth whispered but you did not hear.
The earth spoke but you did not listen
The earth screamed but you turned her off.
And so I was born...
I was not born to punish you..
I was born to awaken you..
The earth cried out for help...
Massive flooding. But you didn't listen.
Burning fires. But you didn't listen.
Strong hurricanes. But you didn't listen.
Terrifying Tornadoes. But you didn't listen.
You still don't listen to the earth when.
Ocean animals are dying due to pollutants in the waters.
Glaciers melting at an alarming rate.
Severe drought.
You didn't listen to how much negativity the earth is receiving.
Non-stop wars.
Non-stop greed.
You just kept going on with your life..
No matter how much hate there was..
It was more important to get that latest iPhone than worry about what the earth was trying to tell you..
But now I am here.
And I've made the world stop in its tracks.
I've made YOU finally listen.
I've made you take refuge.
I've made you stop thinking about materialistic things..
Now you are like the earth...
You are only worried about YOUR survival.
How does that feel?
I give you fever.. as the fires burn on earth.
I give you respiratory issues.. as pollution filled the earth’s air.
I give you weakness as the earth weakens every day.
I took away your comforts..
Your outings.
The things you would use to forget about the planet and its pain.
And I made the world stop...
And now...
Earth has better air quality.. Skys are clear blue because factories are not spewing pollution unto the earth's air.
The water in Venice is clean and Because the gondola boats that pollute the water are not being used.
YOU are having to take time to reflect on what is important in your life.
Again I am not here to punish you.. I am here to Awaken you...
When all this is over and I am gone...
Please remember these moments..
Listen to the earth.
Listen to your soul.
Stop Polluting the earth.
Stop Fighting amongst each other.
Stop caring about materialistic things.
And start loving your neighbors.
Start caring about the earth and all its creatures.
Start believing in a Creator.
Because next time I may come back even stronger....”
Let us hope and pray that we will learn the lessons and will change our life style.

This month’s newsletter has the following highlights:            

  • Dr. Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes about Sustainable Development Goal - 3
  • Shri.C.Rangarajan writes on Tirtha Yatra - Pilgrimage to Holy Places.
  • Workshop on “Sustainable Living”
  • Revival and Renovation of Traditional Water bodies – Deva and Amutha TeerthamRegular events of Social capital and finally a power point presentation on Eco-tourism by Shri.Sridhar.

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Sustainable Development Goal-3

Dr.Sanjay Banerji
Founder Director/Dean of Amrita School of Business
Dear Friends,

This month we shall discuss the third Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Wellbeing. In this blog, we shall try to explain:

  1. What it is and why is this relevant
  2. What are its indicators
  3. What are the targets
  4. Where do we stand in India?
  5. What can we do to support the goal?

Tirtha Yatra - Pilgrimage to Holy Places

C.Rangarajan, Chennai
For those who cannot make it, the merit of the Tirtha-yatra would be collected in an indirect manner, as specified in Smritis & Puranas.

  1. If one can send an effigy of themselves and if it gets dipped in the holy river by a Tirtha-yatri then the non-Tirtha-yatri gets 1/8th of the Punya (merit)
  2. If a person takes bath in the water body in view of accompanying  people  who  are incapacitated (from taking bath) then they get 1/12 of the Punya

Proceedings of Workshop on Sustainable Living

Shri.Karthikeyan, Green Rameswaram Trust


The materialistic behaviour of the human being has been proved to be detrimental to the mankind and the ecosystem, the world has started looking for alternatives. Regulating desires and reducing consumption are prescribed as the best solution, to address the problems. India being the cradle of spirituality has got cultural roots of sustainable and resilient lifestyle practices. Nevertheless, globalisation and open market economy in the country, over the last few decades, have strongly influenced the lifestyle of the people.

Promoting Eco Tourism -
Marine Bio-diversity Museum

By Shri.Sridhar
Green Rameswaram Trust
This month, we are covering Marine Bio-diversity Museum of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Mandapam. Its details in pictures.

Revival and Renovation of Traditional Water Bodies (Teerthas)
Teertha Pooja and Dedication of Renovated Teertham

Vivekananda Kendra - Nardep
Vivekananda Kendra NARDEP under its Green Rameswaram Project has renovated six teerthams with the CSR support of City Union Bank. There are two teerthams near the famous Nambunayaki Amman temple - Amutha Teertham and Deva Teertham. Brief Details of the Amutha Teertham and Deva Teertham are given below


This Teertham is located inside the NambunayakiAmman temple. They say this is also a part of Deva Teertha. They use Teertham from Amutha to do abishekam toAmbal.

Social Capital

Green Rameswaram Trust

Teertha Pooja

As usual on 9th March 2020 Teertha pooja was organised at Agni Teertham and Kapi Teertham. 120 people participated at Agni Teertham and Kapi Teertham Pooja witnessed 20 members of the local community.

COVID 2019

Green Rameswaram team is doing their best to create awareness among the general public about COVID 2019. On 22 March 2020 nation-wide self-social distancing was called by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri.