Newsletter - December 2022

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December 2022, Vol.7;  No.10

Dear Friends,

Today started with a bad news – Joshimath is sinking. Residents of the holy town of Joshimath in Uttarakhand have been concerned after spotting cracks in the town's buildings and streets. This happened because of earth subsidence resulting more than 500 houses developing cracks.

The calamity is not sudden. It was to happen one day or the other because of unplanned development in the seismic-V zone, along with heavy rain fall and fragile nature of the mountain. It is a lesson for all of us not to go against the nature as it boomerangs. The development should be in tune with nature to become sustainable. We follow this principle while working for ‘Green Resilient Rameswaram’.

This month’s newsletter has the following highlights:

  • Dr.Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes the third part of “Financial Accounting” for SHG members
  • Shri.Rangarajan, translates a few shlokas from the rare book on Ramanathaswami Temple
  • Usual work carried out by Hand in Hand Inclusive Development Services in Solid waste management
  • Dr.A.Abirami, Programme Officer of the C.P.R. Environmental Educational Center writes about the herbal plant – Butterfly pea (Sangu Pushpam)
  • Livelihood Opportunities covers (i) Distribution of certificates to the EDII trainees, (ii) Bee keeping training and (iii) Exposure visits etc.
  • Complete story of “Vibhishana Teertham” in the vertical - Revival and Renovation of Traditional Water Bodies
  • In Social capital - Teertha Poojas,  Teertha cleaning work, Bhagavad Gita celebrations etc. and finally 'Green Rameswaram newsletter’ by the students and for the students of Rameswaram

With best wishes,

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Financial Accounting - 3

Dr.Sanjay Banerji
Founder Director/Dean of Amrita School of Business

Dear Friends, welcome back to the study of Financial Accounting. Please recall that we are using a fictitious case study for this purpose. We have reproduced the case study at the end for ease of reference. We had explained how to prepare a formal Cash Flow Statement in the last lesson.


A Rare book - Dhevaiula
on Ramanathaswami

C.Rangarajan, Chennai

This classical work on Sri Ramanatha Swami of Rameswaram was composed by “Palapattadai Chokkanatha Pillai”. This work was discovered by Dr.U.Ve.Saminatha Iyer after comparing multiple versions. He also wrote a commentary on this rare text


Solid Waste Management

Hand in Hand Inclusive Development and Services, Chennai

Door to Door Source Segregation Demo Programme

Everyday door-to-door waste collection and source segregation along with street cleaning were carried out uninterruptedly.

Six Source Segregation Demonstration programmes were organized on 15th, 16th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd and 27th of December at Anna Nagar (Ward: 10), Karaiyur (Ward: 16), Rajagopal Nagar (Ward: 10), Gandhi Nagar (Ward: 10), UndiyalkudaKovil (Ward: 15) and KattupillaiyarKovil Street (Ward: 2).


Herbal Garden (Muligai Vanam)
Sangu Pushpam

By Dr.A.Abirami
C.P.R. Environmental Education Center, Chennai

Distribution and Habitat

Clitoria ternatea (L.) is a perennial climberbelongs to the family Fabaceae and is native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the worldwith twining stems. It grows twining on fences or nearby plants. The leaves are pinnate, petioles 2-2.5 cm long; flowers axillary, the corolla is composed of five petals that are of different sizes and shapes – one standard petal, two wing petals and two keel petals, about 4 cm across, white or blue. Pods up to 8 x 1.5 cm with six to ten seeds in each pod. The seeds are yellowish-brown or blackish in colour.


“Livelihood Opportunities”

Green Rameswaram Trust

Status of SHGs

Present status 122 groups with 1593 members

This month we concentrated more on mobilizing SHG members for the EDII Training programme.

Certificate Distribution Programme for Nursery Garden Training

On 13 December 2022 we conducted the Certificate Distribution Programme for Nursery Garden Training programme supported by EDII. Shri.Praveen Kumar IAS, Additional Collector, DRDA, Ramanathapuram presided over the function. The following officials also attended the function.


“Revival and Renovation of Traditional Water Bodies”
Vibhishana Teertham

Vivekananda Kendra - Nardep
Type: Open with steps on one side for easy access to the water
Location: on the way to Dhanushkodi – inside the forest
Coordinates: Lat-9.234226, Long-79.36455,
Measurements: L 5.78 m B 3.11m D 3.20m
Water holding capacity: 51000 litres
Water availability: Throughout the year
Literary mention: Skandapuranam
Affiliated to: Ramanathaswamy Temple; HR&CE
Deity:  Lord Rama
Survey no: 1044/2, Rameswaram Revenue village, Rameswaram Taluk
Ritual cleansing: Cures Diseases and Removes the Sins
Year of renovation: 2022
Working period: 29 September 2022 to 22 October 2022
Renovation work sponsored by: Vivekananda Kendra - NARDEP

Social Capital

Green Rameswaram Trust

Bhagavad Gita Jayanthi Celebrations

i.    SHG Division

Gita Jayanthi Celebrations were organized as a part of the EDII Training programme on 03 December 2022 for the Mandapam based participants of Honey Bee Training programme. 40 Participants attended the programme. Annaji webinar video of Karma yoga was shown to the participants for 50 minutes and then it was consolidated by Shri.K.Sridhar, Project Coordinator, Green Rameswaram Trust.


Green Rameswaram newsletter (Tamil)

For students….
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28th issue – December 2022