Newsletter - February 2024

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February 2024, Vol.8;  No.12

Dear Friends,

Recently, we came across a very educative audio visual with a title – “Nature, earth and life on earth are based on principles of alliances, partnership and collaborations”. We at Rameswaram are trying to have such alliances and partnership with the local community as well as with the flora and fauna of Rameswaram Island which in turn will help in creating “Green Resilient Rameswaram”.

This month’s newsletter has the following highlights:
  • Dr.Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes the final article on “Financial Accounting”
  • Shri.Rangarajan, translates a few shlokas from the rare book on Ramanathaswami Temple
  • Dr.A.Abirami, Programme Officer of the C.P.R. Environmental Educational Center, Chennai writes on the herbal plant –  Anantamool  (Nannari)
  • In Social capital - Teertha Poojas, Celebration of Anna pooja, Deepa pooja, Yoga competition, Webinars and finally newsletter by the students and for the students of Rameswaram

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Financial Accounting - 15

Dr.Sanjay Banerji
Founder Director/Dean of Amrita School of Business

Bala Sir congratulated the women for successfully completing the essentials of Financial Accounting, and decided to prepare a brief summary of the entire system.

  1. We maintain the accounts on behalf of the business, which is a separate entity.
  2. At the beginning, the promoters bring in some funds and the business issues shares to the promoters in exchange of this initial capital.

A Rare book - Dhevaiula
on Ramanathaswami

C.Rangarajan, Chennai

This classical work on Sri Ramanatha Swami of Rameswaram was composed by “Palapattadai Chokkanatha Pillai”. This work was discovered by Sri U.Ve. Saminatha Iyer after comparing multiple versions. He also wrote a commentary on this rare text.

With the blessings of Lord Ramanatha Swami, Mother Parvathavardhini & Lord Rama, here is an attempt to provide a reasonable translation of this work, in English. Any error can be ascribed to me.


Herbal Garden (Muligai Vanam)

By Dr.A.Abirami
C.P.R. Environmental Education Center, Chennai

Distribution and Habitat

H. indicus is a perennial, slender, Straggling or twining herb, lactiferous that belongs to the family Apocynaceae. It is native to India, primarily found in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Iran and Moluccas. It commonly grows in deciduous forests, uncultivated lands and moist hedges.


Social Capital

Green Rameswaram Trust

Teertha Pooja

Our work of involving community in doing Teertha poojas is going on smoothly. SHG members, E-auto drivers and Yoga participants are trying to take the ownership of the programme.  In this month, we could carry out Teertha poojas at 23 Traditional water bodies with 214 volunteers participating in the activity.


Green Rameswaram newsletter (Tamil)

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42nd issue – February 2024