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Adwaith Lakshmi Industries Limited


Shri.Ravi Sam, Managing Director - ALIL

From a flagship company of Adwaitham, Adwaith Lakshmi Industries Limited, has diversified into various areas of perfection - etching a legend of success with various companies spanning from Cotton Yarn,Bobbin Holders, Textile Machinery Components, Terry Towel and Terry Made ups to Ring Travellers, from the same flagship company of Adwaitham, Titan Paints and Chemicals Limited coexists diversifyinginto Paints and Powder Coatings.

The long tradition of the group for over three generations has the reputation to deliver and satisfy customer expectations, in addressing their needs. The professional ethics and culture of the group is wellknown in the industry over the last 6 decades 

A successful group cannot thrive in isolation and Adwaith group are totally committed to the welfare of the society in general, so the group has diversified into propagation of Vedas,Tank Restoration, and conservation of our age old culture by restoration and preservation of ancient monuments and educational facilities.

In all Adwaith Lakshmi’s endeavors, it deeply understands and discharges its social obligations too, by following highly ethical business practices, it stands firm on its corporate responsibility and stronglybelieves in giving back to the society.

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