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Immediately after Independence, there were many associates and followers of Gandhiji who wanted to pursue his vision of a rural India and its re-construction, Gandhigram is one such initiative. Gandhigram came into existence in 1947 through the efforts of Dr. T.S. Soundram and Dr.G.Ramachandran who wanted to create a model that would concentrate on the complete development of the human being. “Success attends where Truth Reigns”, were the words of inspiration from Gandhiji to Gandhigram. 


This pursuit of Truth has today made this Institution a pioneer in the implementation of Gandhiji’s Constructive Programme. Truth reigns through the model pursued by the Institution, where the priorities are set by the rural community. The inspiration has translated into:

  • Providing access to affordable essential services to the rural community in health, education and social welfare

  • Co-creating knowledge with the communities leveraging their traditional strengths, and make them applicable for modern times and

  • Ultimately strengthening the community by facilitating economic development programmes, creating livelihood opportunities and self-managed development programmes

Each of these core work areas have been executed through initiatives and organisations that have become institutions on their own standing today. The activity of the Institution is spread over the districts of Dindigul, Karur, Theni, Madurai, Thirunelveli, Sivangagai and Virudhunagar of Tamilnadu, with remote offices and divisions.