Hand in Hand

90/A, Nasarathpet village,
Opposite Pachayappa’s Men’s College
Little Kancheepuram – 631503
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph:-+ 91 44- 6720 1000
Website:- http://www.hihindia.org

'Hand in Hand' is the 'Green Rameshwaram' partner for Solid Waste Management or SWM intervention. It strives to facilitate local bodies to handle the garbage menace. One of the main focus areas of our SWM project is to substitute street collection of waste with a distinct waste collection process.

Already with technological input from VK-nardep and In association with the Mamallapuram Town Panchayat 'Hand in Hand' has installed at Mamallapuram,  a UNESCO World Heritage site,  we installed a bio-methanation plant to efficiently manage bio-degradable waste, especially food waste, generated by the hotels in Mamallapuram.


A 100 cu.m bio-methanation plant with a capacity of handling 500 to 800 kg of food waste every day has been installed. The food waste is converted to methane which is in turn converted to electricity. A 12.5 KVA generator which runs exclusively on biogas has also been installed. The generator has a capacity to produce electricity at 10 KW per hour.

The bio-methanation plant in Mamallapuram is a model project that demonstrates the reduced dependency on conventional energy sources. It serves as a demonstration unit for other local bodies to replicate for resource recovery and proper management of organic waste, particularly food waste.

While similar approaches are also planned for 'green and clean' Rameshwaram, 'Hand in Hand' also takes up campaign for cleanliness and hygiene, segregation of organic and non-organic wastes and recycling of the waste.