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UNICEF has partnered with VK-nardep in Green Rameshwaram with the emphasis on its own Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) programme which is very relevant to the green mission.

This has resulted in more than 25 awareness creation camps –about green and clean Rameshwaram- reaching out to more than 1800 people – mostly women and children.


In more than 30 places documentary screening, in-site exhibitions, clean-Rameshwaram campaigns etc. have been conducted. Common people of Rameshwaram, both college and school students, as well as pilgrims participated in the cleaning campaign whole –heartedly.

In mass communication of hygienic Green Rameshwaram, Street plays have become important. Enthusiastic local youth have been taking the message of cleanliness and hygiene to the masses.  Green health camps were conducted which provided the people with medicinal solutions for the common and chronic ailments. So far 12 green health camps have been conducted and more than 1300 people have been treated and got benefitted.

Books have been published under the UNICEF scheme for green medical care, importance of water in traditional medical system, the rain water harvesting, solid waste management, renewable energy book with emphasis on energy from the waste, local ecological traditions, traditional water bodies of Rameshwaram and the science as well as tradition of water conservation.

Today innovative schemes like:

  • The transforming of sewage water – through cultivation of Vettiver,
  • Installation of bio-methanation plants which remove the domestic waste and produce energy for households etc. are being taken up enthusiastically by people. Local youths including auto-drivers and community leaders are coming forward to take the leadership and initiative of Green Rameshwaram.

Today the web of stake holders have expanded from the panchayat body members to IIT scientists. The Panchayat body members have started owning the local water bodies as natural and cultural assets. IIT scientists are studying the biochemical and ecological parameters of the renovated traditional water bodies. Thanks to the systematic and multi-dimensional communication campaign initiated by UNICEF and VK-nardep today in 2015 Green Rameshwaram is taking shape into a reality.